Banner Masts

Install 2 additional banner posts as previously installed. Located in: Kent

Removing all loose rust and/or flaking paintwork. Degreasing and preparing the posts, ensuring it's clean.
Lightly abrade and prime, ensuring maximum adhesion. Apply white metal gloss paint to directory posts.

Carried out our graffiti removal treatment process. Redecorated all areas that had graffiti. Leaving all locations clean, secure, and free of graffiti.

Attended site and cleaned timber benches and large timber tables via high pressure water jetting. Reattended, prepared outdoor furniture for treating. Supplied and applied coat of clear varnish entirely. Leaving the areas tidy and secure.

Upon site visit we found the welding had come apart between the letter P.

Cleaned the bracket and letter P then applied a strong adhesive to the bracket to hold the lettering to the bracket. Allowing time to set fully.

Anti skate studs installed on window ledges to deter skateboarders. This client opted to not make good of ledge.

Rainwater gullies cleared of debris and waterproof roof coating applied throughout. Located in Brentford.

Removal of trolley shelter in Lewisham; disassembled, removed from site and sustainably disposed of.

Bin store doors removed and repairs carried out to featheredge boards concealing blockwork. Various waste removed from site and sustainably disposed of. Stair nosing's highlighted with anti-slip yellow floor paint on fire escape route. All works carried out at a retail park in Watford.

Tarmac dips repaired, waste removed and sustainably disposed of from a retail park in St Albans.

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