Damaged Fencing

To remove damaged timber fencing and dispose of same, off site. Remove damaged posts. Supply and fit new closely matching fencing, join and fix to sound post, new posts secured with postcrete.

New Key Clamp
Supply and fit galvanised key clamp, following suit with existing. Affix new posts atop low-level brickwork, ensuring secure.

Loose Key Clamp
Remove existing fitting, allowing access to damaged brick. Damaged brick removed and dispose of same, off site. Supply and lay 1 closely matching engineering brick. Reaffix existing fitting, ensuring secure.

Heras Fencing
Bag and remove localised / discarded debris, disposing of same off site. Secure existing heras fencing with new feet, where required. Join heras panels with new couplers, where required.

Supply and form timber framework within doorway, ensuring secure. Supply and board with ply, inclusive of lockable single ply door, supply and fit 2 hasp & staples, complete with security padlocks.

Supply and form timber framework, fixed to brickwork where possible. Supply and board in sheet timber, externally facing side only. Instate and supply temporary ‘Wet Paint’ signage. Apply black exterior paint entirely, apply a clear anti-graffiti coating entirely.

The repair of all wooden bin stores on the estate. By carrying out timber repairs. These repair techniques included: bracing existing framework, replacing missing panelling, rehanging fallen gate and securing dropped gates.

Our client opted to not treat and/or paint newly fitted timber, nor existing.

Removed existing low level timber fencing. Disposed of off site. Backfilled redundant post holes with concrete, smoothing level. Area left tidy and secure. Located in Brentford.


Removed impact damaged barrier entirely and set aside for reuse.

Existing anchor fixings cut and removed, ensuring concrete base was free of protrusions.

Damaged section of the barrier was cut and removed, disposing off site.

Refitted salvageable section of barrier with new anchor bolts.

Supplied and fabricated new box section, reforming corner section.

Carried out onsite welding, securing new corner section to existing.

Rubbed down and prepared barriers, removing flaking paintwork.

Primed, supplied and applied yellow metal paint entirely.

Located in Guildford.


Removal of previous fencing, replaced with new fencing and concrete posts, located in Gatwick.

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