Replace a line of damaged kerb stones for our client, located in: Gatwick.

Prepare and brush clean rumble strips in total, across three areas. Supply and apply yellow anti-slip floor paint to raised edges of raised paviours, highlighting tops.

Attended site, cordoned off works are against passing foot traffic. Carried out onsite welding to various bike rack fixing points, brushed and sprayed on completion. Supplied and fitted 1 like for like bike rack, further secured by welding fixing points. Area left tidy and secure.

Tarmac: Saw cut section of defective road surface square and remove spoils, disposing of same off site. Supply and lay 40mm in thickness of AC10 Close Surf, well rolled and consolidated. Allow to cure and remove barriers, reopening roadway. Not allowed for any line marking.

Drainage: Cut concrete / tarmac surrounds square and break out. Remove 4 channels and gratings, disposing of same off site. Bag, remove and dispose of spoils, offsite. Supply and fit 4 closely matching channels, complete with new gratings; all of which to be of the same vehicle loading. Backfill, ensuring level to existing gratings.

Attended site, removed existing damaged kerb stones and disposed of same off site. Supplied and fitted replacement kerbs, ensuring secure. Removed existing damaged slabs and disposed of same, off site. Supplied and laid closely matching replacement slabs, ensuring level. Lifted and relayed multiple slabs, ensuring level on new bed. Repointed localised areas with kiln dried sand, ensuring well swept. Areas left tidy and secure.

Fencing damaged by a car reversing into the shrubs and fence. Debris removed and fence fixed.

Tarmac dips repaired, waste removed and sustainably disposed of from a retail park in St Albans.

Existing tarmacadam pathway broken out and spoils removed from site. Cut and removed rising tree routes, ensuring level subbase. Pathway reinstated with 70mm hot roll tarmacadam, approximately 30 m2. Area left tidy and secure upon completion. Works carried out at a retail park in St Albans.

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